First Death Snake Encounter

DC CHECK Nature/Perception 18

Skill check to travel around battlefield and pick up the trail again. After many hours of walking the encounter begins. If they failed the earlier roll the snakes will get a surprise attack on them. Roll of 23+ will grant prior knowledge of attack for characters to prep and get combat advantage and simply succeeding the roll will enable a regular initiative roll battle. Encounter is very hard +2 levels from party level and most likely will end in them failing. When first character goes below 0 or party is sufficiently injured the Rygean Regulars will enter combat to dispatch the remaining snakes. Warforged and human guards and mages will come to aid party with toxin to weaken snakes and use heal on dying characters. Fight occurs in wooden terrain with lightly populated trees.

3 Deathrattle Vipers, 1 Crushgrip Constrictors, 2 Snaketongue Initiates Level 7 Encounter

Reinforcements are:
1 Human Mage, 1 Human Guard, 1 Warforge Captain, 3 Warforge Soldiers

First Death Snake Encounter

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